I am a philologist by training and all my professional life I have taught college students how to read literature. At the same time, I have been always fascinated with photography, which I started to study about fifteen years ago.


My photography let me fully realize how much both my imagination and my way of seeing are affected by myths, fairytales, and other stories I have read in my lifetime. For example, my most beloved Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen stands behind my interest in reflections, distortions, and multiplication of worlds. Another obvious inspiration are Lewis Carroll’s stories, which sent me on the chase for Alice-related places around the world. My love of mythology, makes me, a declared rationalist, constantly look for magical reality around me.  


I am a city dweller, enchanted with ever changing, palimpsestic face of the streets. In nature, I look for the mix of the recognizable and the mysterious. I strongly believe that any kind of art is the artist’s self-portrait.

Photo Credit: Andy Cohen

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